Aug 032017

dad and daughter take in the sunset
Father and Daughter take in the Sunset

A few final photos from a late June Omaha trip.  A couple of these were shot just before sunset on the Gene Leahy Mall.  The balance were shot after sunset near the fountains at the Heartland of America Park, which lies below the Mall on the Omaha riverfront.

twilight boat ride
dusk boat ride

the lower mall

The Mall below 10th Street

twilight on the mall
Twilight on the Gene Leahy Mall

families enjoying the park after sunset
families enjoying the park after sunset

two fountains after sunset
sunset silhouette (with fountains)

Aug 312016

Fire Island Light (illuminated by the late afternoon sun)
Fire Island Light illuminated by the late afternoon sun

A few photos from a week on Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore.  This trip is an annual event going back a dozen years (although not all trips were memorialized with photos). As with most years, these shots document a trip to Fire Island Light, the iconic lighthouse on the Island’s western end, sunrise photos (on the ocean side), sunset photos (on the bay side), beach photos, and some shots with a trusty 7.5mm fisheye lens for my Olympus m4/3. Oh, and the daily ritual of gin and tonics on the Fair Harbor Dock or Bay walk is well documented.

sunrise with seagull
sunrise with seagull

setting sun illuminating the beach grass like fireflies
setting sun illuminating the beach grass like fireflies

the moon hanging on (on the other side of the sunrise)
moon hanging on (on the other side of the sunrise)


In past August visits to Fire Island, at least one day–if not two or three–have been rainy wash outs. But other than some overnight rain and stormy skies the next morning (see fisheye shot below, with bike), the weather was particularly lovely this year. The first few nights, however, it was quite cloudy in the evening, with rain and lightning visible in the distance over Long Island. We were spared the storms but had the benefit of spectacular, cloud-filled sunsets (see the two sunset Bay shots, below, with large dark clouds and boats).

Fire Island sunset number 2
big dark clouds at the blue hour (with boats)

stormy skies (with bike and spoon)_
stormy morning skies (with bike and spoon)

Fire Island Sunset number 1
Fair Harbor Sunset

And a few more shots:

Fire Island Sunset number 5 (on the dock with bike)_finalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApink bike _croppedRust Never SleepsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgin and tonic and sunset

walk the dog (in the hazy sunshine)
walk the dog (in the hazy sunshine)

The sun just rose over Fire Island
the sun just rose over Fire Island

Full set may be seen here, on Flickr.

Aug 302015

fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)
fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)

Annual trip to Fair Harbor, Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. This time, I brought my trusty Samyang 7.5mm m4/3 manual fisheye (big bang for the buck, and a whole lot of fun).

the clouds with that Fair Harbor sunsetclouding up in the late afternoon

And here’s a smattering of typical Fire Island wildlife photos featuring deer and shore birds, even though I did not have a proper wildlife lens, only a slow, f/4-5.6, m4/3 60-150mm (oh, btw, this is what you get with a proper, 300mm wildlife lens). But this time the set includes a praying mantis which made a surprise appearance on the kitchen window screen before lunch (likely awaiting lunch his/herself as it perched above a window flower box, waiting for hapless insects to come within reach).

diggin' Sandpiperawaiting lunch (praying mantis on the window screen)

And here are a few more photos, including a surprise appearance by Dr. Seuss and your typical array of sunset shots because of course. Also including an homage to the evening ritual of heading down to the Bay, gin and tonic (with lime, of course) in hand just before and after sunset (photo composition and title (Fair Harbor Properly Approached at Sunset) credit: David Aimen ;)).

Full set can be seen here, on Flickr.

Sep 092012

Magenta Sunset. Fair Harbor, Fire Island

A few photos from a week in late August on Fire Island, a trip which is an annual event. As always, there are a few sunset photos. Along with beach time and bike riding, two of the Fire Island August rituals are 1) gin and tonics (with lime, of course) while grilling just before sunset, and 2) shooting the sunset from the Bay side of Fair Harbor, on the Bay Walk. Sometimes my gin and tonic making duties conflict temporarily with my sunset photo taking duties, but any grumbling tapers off once we’ve all had a round (or two) of G&Ts. All of us rarely, if ever, drink gin and tonics any time other than August, but nothing tastes better at sunset in Fire Island.

There are also a couple shots of Fire Island Light, but none as good as this one from last year.


Feb 252012

Key West Sunset

 I’ve been busy and neglecting my cameras.  So I thought I’d revisit some shots I took this time last year on a trip to Key Largo (at Azul del Mar), Key West and South Beach.  Bask in the warmth.

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Nov 292011
the sea wall

The Sea Wall

I spent Thanksgiving in Maine. The weather was beautiful and so was the beach, especially at low tide in the late afternoon November sun.  And at sunset.

An enthusiastic beginning photographer (another Thanksgiving guest at a friend’s relative’s house) tagged along with her camera and got her own sunset shots. The pink and orange colors of her jacket really pop and look great against the beach and sky — both at sunset and earlier in the afternoon.

I shot all of these with my newish Olympus Pen E-P3 micro four thirds camera. I’m still impressed and extremely happy with this more portable option to my Nikon DSLR. Oh, and the Oly’s cool retro design and styling is a plus. Photofocus (Scott Bourne) just awarded it camera of the year.

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Nov 192011
Minot (bathed in) Light

Minot Ledge Light, south of Boston Harbor, bathed in reflected late afternoon.

I took a lighthouse tour of Boston Harbor and beyond on a beautiful autumn afternoon.  The cruise started in early afternoon and ended just after sunset. I took a bunch of photos.  Here are a few I like best:

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