Feb 052015

snow bank along the path
one of the photos on the Flickr Blog post Snowmaggedon 2015

A nice surprise.  This shot along the Southwest Corridor Park in Boston was among the photos featured on the Flickr Blog post: Snowmaggedon 2015, New England Edition.  It’s one of the shots I took as mega snowstorm Juno was winding down (the storm dumped more than two feet of snow on Boston).  And make no mistake, being featured on the Flickr Blog results in a ton of page views to your Flickr site:  this photo received more than 24,000 views the day of the Flickr Blog post.  It now has more than  28,000 views.  Not bad! :)

Jan 302015

the best way to get around
Cross Country skiing along Boston’s Southwest Corridor Park during snowstorm Juno

Snowstorm Juno lived up to the hype in Boston, which got over 2 feet (26.1″) of snow and saw blizzard conditions. Parts of MetroWest Boston and central Massachusetts got 3 feet of snow, give or take a few inches. I went out for a stroll in my neighborhood at dusk, as the mega storm was winding down. Although there were not a whole lot of folks out and about, there were several kids and adults sledding in Titus Sparrow Park, or even on one of the huge mounds of plowed snow along the Southwest Corridor Park (as seen by two kids in one of the photos below).

This guy across the street was the first to dig out his car (a few hours before the storm started to wind down). It’s hard to tell, but there are cars behind him totally covered in snow.

first on the block to dig out