Jan 282017

Eric Dolphy, 1964 © Chuck Stewart

Legendary photographer Chuck Stewart died last week, although the news of his death just became widely known yesterday. Stewart shot more than two thousand album covers and is best known for his work with jazz musicians. Many of his photos, like the shot of Eric Dolphy, above, are now among the best known and most iconic images of the artists depicted.

In 2014, Stewart donated 25 images of John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, including several shot during the sessions for A Love Supreme. See this WBUR, Boston, story about Stewart’s photo donation to the Smithsonian, including this photo of John and Alice Coltrane:

John and Alice Coltrane, 1966 © Chuck Stewart

Quincy Jones © Chuck Stewart

Here are a just a few of his jazz album covers, courtesy of wikipedia commons:

Shepp4forTraneDear_John_CPSanders_TauhidLove_Crypharoahsanders-karmaAscensionArchie_Shepp_-_Attica_BluesThe Blues and the Abstract Truth Oliver Nelson

More of Stewart’s photos may be seen here in this Jazz In Photo blog.