Mar 152017

High Winds and Wintery Mix with Twig Litter
High Winds and Wintry Mix with Twig Litter

A snow day in March. The Nor’easter that hit the east cost only dumped several inches of snow on Boston before becoming a wintry mix when I ventured out, camera in tow. The wind-whipped, freezing rain gradually turned to just plain old rain and made for a camera-soaking (good thing for weather-sealed equipment), and not exactly pleasant, afternoon stroll. It was a lot more fun being out during the snow day in February.

I manged to get a few decent shots, however. Unfortunately, the slush and soggy snow will freeze overnight.

rain drops on the branches after the snow
rain drops on the branches after the snow (better large)

Christian Science Church in the Storm
Christian Science Church in the Storm (better large)

frozen rain drops
frozen rain drops

Taking cover from the freezing rain to change lenses
taking cover from the freezing rain to change lenses

Feb 112017

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe
Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

First snow day of the winter.  A large storm pounded the east coast, creating blizzard conditions in Boston for about five hours.  Although the snowfall was very heavy at the height of the storm, we only ended up with about a foot of snow in the city.  And more snow is in store for this weekend, but it will likely change to rain.  Up until now, we’ve had very little snow and are far removed from the massive winter two years ago, the total snowfall for which was 110 inches.  And most of that fell in a relentless series of storms from late January through early March.

But back to this storm.  It was fun to be out in the height of the snowfall, walking around my neighborhood.  The streets were basically deserted but for snowplows.  Most shops, cafes and restaurants were closed.  Very few people were out and about, except for kids sledding in Sparrow Park a block away from my house, and a few souls out walking dogs or just enjoying the blizzard.

Snow Day Sledding in Titus Sparrow Park
Snow Day Sledding in Titus Sparrow Park

Snow on the block
snow piling up on the block

Stone Cold Harriet Tubman
Stone Cold Harriet Tubman (Harriet Tubman Memorial and Park)

snowing heavily outside my door
Southwest Corridor Park, steps from my door

out for a walk
out for a walk

The full set of photos may be seen here, on Flickr.

Feb 212016

saturday night snow
Saturday Night Snow

So, sometime last week two of my photos hit a milestone on Flickr.  The long exposure night shot, above, of Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue Mall in the snow (with the uninspiring name “Saturday Night Snow”) reached 20,000 Flickr views, while shot below from last year reached 30,000 views.

The Saturday Night Snow photo has long been one of my most popular. It’s available for licensing from Getty Images and is on sale as a fine art print at a custom frame shop in Boston’s South End. The only reason the much less remarkable shot, below, from last year now has more than 30,000 views is because it was featured on the Flickr blog last year in a post about Boston’s Snowmaggedon. The shot, taken along Boston’s Southwest Corridor park “greenway,” is from the first big snowstorm of Boston’s historic winter of 2015, which saw 110 inches of snow when it was all said and done.

snow bank along the path
Snow Bank Along the Path

More of my photos from last year’s historic winter may be seen here, including this shot of a cross-country skier along the Southwest Corridor:

the best way to get around

the best way to get around

#Flickr #FlickrViews

Feb 062016

the sun breaks out at twilight as the snow tapers off
the sun breaks out at twilight before it stops snowing

A heavy, wet snow blanketed Boston on Friday. Late in the day, as the snow was tapering off, the sun broke out at twilight. A sunshower, but with snow (a sunsnowshower?). This iPhone shot was taken from my window at work. Given how wet the snow was, and given that it’s not at all uncommon to see rainbows from this window, I was hoping for “snowbow” to break across the sky. But no.

Walking home that evening was quite the stroll through a winter wonderland.  As you can see from the foreground of the above photo, the snow beautifully coated the trees. As I arrived home, I was greeted by this lovely scene outside my condo, just off the Southwest Corridor Park:

 in front of the condo after the snow_finalilluminated snow in front of my building after the snow

And here’s what I saw from my window when I got home (just a mediocre iPhone shot, but it conveys the magic of the snow-covered trees partially illuminated by the lamp-post lights outside):

out the window after the snow_B&Wthe magical view out my window upon arriving home after the snow

Oh, and more snow is on the way for Monday.


Jan 032016

autumn hanging on at the end of the tunnel
Autumn Hanging On

While in my hometown of Omaha for the holidays, I took a walk in Elmwood Park while a powdery snow was falling. The Jones Street footbridge to the Park is just a block and a half down the street from the house I grew up in (where my mom still lives). Because it was still snowing and bitter cold, there were few people out, even in the popular, picturesque and historic natural spring Grotto and stone bridge over the creek (seen in many of these photos). I did see a bunch of kids sledding in other areas, though.  Oh, and I’ve shot this tree with lingering orange foliage through the tunnel before, but with even more snow.

ruffled ridge snow stairsruffled ridge snow stairs

lights like four fireflies
lights like four fireflies

Here are a few more shots of the Elmwood Park Grotto:


And here are some shots of the Elmwood Park Creek in other parts of the park, including this shot from the Jones Street footbridge:

the other side of the footbridge
the other side of the footbridge

And here are a couple of iPhone photos of the footbridge, shot during another snowstorm several days before, on Christmas Eve, no less:


And this looking down two sets of steps to another footbridge over the creek:

it's snowing again over Elmwood Creekwatch that first step. . .

Full set may be seen here on Flickr.  Happy New Year.


Mar 162015

snow and ice on the branches
snow and ice glisten on branches as Boston breaks the all time snowfall record

Well, we did it. A little under 3 inches of snow (following freezing rain) Sunday night gave Boston a total all time record of 108.6 inches of snow this winter (thus far), beating the old record by an inch. Of course most of this snow came in a three week period and we shattered the records for most snow in a month, most snow in February, etc. But it’s nice to also take the gold in snowiest year EVER. #iPhoneography

And here’s a Boston Globe graph (using, among other things, a Duck Boat and a Boston Terrier) on this, our record-breaking year of SNOW:


Mar 042015

Snowy State House, Beacon Hill

Snowy State House, Beacon Hill

More snow for Boston! The second significant snowfall in this young month of March (on top of 100+ inches of snow for Boston thus far this winter).  A quick shot of the Massachusetts State House, aka the “new State House” (built 1795-1798, with many subsequent additions), while walking home in surprisingly heavy snow last night (after being stuck late at work).   This turned out pretty well for a nighttime iPhone shot.  #iPhoneography #neverendingwinter


Feb 142015

and so it starts again

. . . and snow it starts again.  The St. Valentine’s Blizzard of 2015 starts up in earnest. Boston is expecting at least another foot of snow by late tomorrow (on top of the 6+ feet of snow already on the ground, see here and here). Oh, and all T (subway and commuter rail) service will be shut down all day tomorrow. A quick iPhone shot, this.


Feb 132015

snow tunnels and huge icicles

So, this is what it looks like to get 6 feet of snow in less than 3 weeks.  I took this quick iPhone shot while walking home a couple of nights ago.  The street lights did a good job illuminating the snow mounds and huge (ice dam) icicle, while creating shadows among the path between the mounds.  Harcourt Street Back Bay/South End, Boston.

Oh, and about that 6 feet of snow:  Boston has received more than 6 feet of snow in the past month, AND another blizzard with heavy snow and a foot or more of accumulation is one its way tomorrow and Sunday.

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Feb 052015

snow bank along the path
one of the photos on the Flickr Blog post Snowmaggedon 2015

A nice surprise.  This shot along the Southwest Corridor Park in Boston was among the photos featured on the Flickr Blog post: Snowmaggedon 2015, New England Edition.  It’s one of the shots I took as mega snowstorm Juno was winding down (the storm dumped more than two feet of snow on Boston).  And make no mistake, being featured on the Flickr Blog results in a ton of page views to your Flickr site:  this photo received more than 24,000 views the day of the Flickr Blog post.  It now has more than  28,000 views.  Not bad! 🙂