Oct 162015

When a rainbow appeared outside my window at work (magical start to a hectic day)

. . . when a rainbow appeared outside my window

Nice start to a hectic day . . . a magical rainbow greeted me just after I got to work.  Oh, and that’s Paul Rudolph’s brutalist masterpiece in the foreground (the most misunderstood building in Boston).

October is a great month for catching rainbows from my work window (although they typically appear following late afternoon thunderstorms or sun showers).  See this “it’s raining rainbows” post about October rainbows a couple years ago. And then there’s this shot from 2008 (same window, different view):


Sep 022014

Ocean Beach Golden Sunset
Golden sunset in Ocean Beach, Fire Island

Annual trip to Fair Harbor, Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. Note: the Ocean Beach golden sunset shot is an iPhone photo.  Here’s a selection of shots. The full set is available at Flickr.

A here’s a shot of dunes and coastal wetland scrub brush with a dramatic cloud background shot near the Fire Island Lighthouse:

dune and dramatic sky

. . . and then, a rainbow magically appeared over the ocean:

Fire Island Rainbow
Fire Island Rainbow (iPhone shot)

Oct 232013

In the late afternoon, two rainbows appeared outside my office window this October just a couple weeks apart.  And one was a double rainbow (although the second rainbow is a bit faint in the shot above).  I love the way the late afternoon sun illuminates the buildings across the way in the shot below. These two iPhone photos are proof that the best camera is the one you have with you.