Jan 112018

Old Market Passageway with Holiday Lights

Listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Market was originally Omaha’s wholesale grocery district. Starting in the late 1960s, funky art galleries, restaurants, and boutique shops began springing up along the cobblestone streets and the area gradually became more upscale with loft condos filling the warehouses. It’s a vibrant part of the city with street performers and many of the area’s best restaurants, galleries, and shops.

Poinsettia-matching red scarf

Rubin Distributing / Jams

I also stopped by to check out the recently reopened M’s Pub in the heart of the Old Market. The building housing M’s was nearly destroyed a couple of years ago by a devastating fire. The fire completely gutted the building, taking out the roof and part of an exterior wall. The space inside M’s has been completely restored and, amazingly, is all but indistinguishable from its original condition.

M’s has reopened! (After a devastating fire)

A dusting of snow (outside the recently reopened M’s)


Jan 062018

Snow on the Skylights with Chihuly Sculpture

While in my hometown of Omaha over the holidays, I stopped by Joslyn Art Museum. While the museum hosts excellent exhibitions and boasts a great permanent collection, the Art Deco architecture is reason alone to visit. As wikipedia notes, the building, opened in 1931, is constructed of “Georgia Pink marble, with 38 different marbles from all over the world in the interior.” Some of that marble is seen in these shots, including the foyer and gorgeous fountain court.

The Hunter and the Hunted

This Native American hunter and Pronghorn Antelope sculpture by Paul Manship (1917) graces the museum’s large foyer. For years, it sat on opposite sides of the museum’s concert hall, near the stage.

He’s Looking at the Fountain Court

The Storz Fountain Court at Joslyn Art Museum . . . Poinsettia-matching Coat at the Fountain Court

And finally, a view of the Museum’s gorgeous Founder’s Room.

Doorway Silhouette

Jan 032018

Watch that First Step…

It snowed a couple of times in Omaha when I was back in my hometown for the holidays. In what has become a holiday tradition, I got up early after a fresh snow and stomped down to my old stomping grounds–Elmwood Park, just a couple blocks from my childhood home (were my mom still lives). It was crazy cold, and I mostly took quick iPhone shots, but they came out quite well.

The above shot (two sets of stairs, a park bench, and a footbridge over the Elmwood Park Creek) was featured on monochromatic_in on Instagram.

I’ve photographed most of the scenes in this post time and time and time and time again. Not only are these some of my favorite parts of Elmwood Park going back to childhood, they’re all quite photogenic. Here’s another common shot: the Jones Street footbridge into the Park.

Footbridge Line Patterns

And then there’s Elmwood Park’s picturesque and historic natural spring Grotto and stone bridge over the creek:

The Stone Bridge with Snow

All Quiet at the Grotto

Frosty Reflections

And finally, another classic scene across the Park:

wood fence and tree shadows (almost a shadow hashtag)

Aug 032017

dad and daughter take in the sunset
Father and Daughter take in the Sunset

A few final photos from a late June Omaha trip.  A couple of these were shot just before sunset on the Gene Leahy Mall.  The balance were shot after sunset near the fountains at the Heartland of America Park, which lies below the Mall on the Omaha riverfront.

twilight boat ride
dusk boat ride

the lower mall

The Mall below 10th Street

twilight on the mall
Twilight on the Gene Leahy Mall

families enjoying the park after sunset
families enjoying the park after sunset

two fountains after sunset
sunset silhouette (with fountains)

Jul 222017

Elmwood Park Pool at dusk
Cool Blue Pool (Elmwood Park Pool at Twilight)

A few photos from a recent June, 2017, trip to my hometown, Omaha. Featuring a couple of shots from my old stomping grounds in Elmwood Park. I’ve shot the Jones Street footbridge to the park (just a couple blocks away from where I grew up) many times before, although mostly in winter (quite a contrast to the lush path through the trees). I’ve also included a few photos from Omaha’s historic Old Market.

The bridge in summer
The Bridge in Summer

Juliet Old Market
Juliet Old Market

Old Market Passageway
Old Market Passageway

late twilight Old Market stroll
Old Market Stroll

The full set of photos may be seen here, on Flickr.

Jul 192017

left field at twilight
Left Field at Twilight

A few photos from the last past two years of the College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha. I’ve been going to CWS games since I was a kid.  The series has been in Omaha continuously since 1950 — first at Rosenblatt Stadium for 60 years, and, starting in 2011,  at the new T.D. Ameritrade Park downtown.

dusk at the ballpark
Dusk at the Ballpark

lightning and rain delay before the game

lightning and rain delay before the game

Sun and Shadows on the field
Sun and shadows on the field

Jul 172017

UP 844 Upfront
U.P. 844 Upfront

The last steam locomotive produced for Union Pacific in 1944, UP 844 steamed into town to be displayed across from TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha, for the College World Series last month. The 844 is one of Union Pacific’s oldest serving locomotives, and the only steam locomotive never retired by a major American railroad. In addition to the B&W photo, above, shot with my Olympus Pen-F, the photo below are iPhone shots.

Steam Locomotion_o
Steam Locomotion

UP Steam Locomotive_o
The Mighty UP 844

Apr 042017

The Durham (Omaha Union Station) at Twilight
Omaha Union Station at Twilight

On January 11, 2017, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior designated Omaha Union Station (listed on the National Registry of Historic Places since 1971) a National Historic Landmark. Which is kind of a big deal: only about 2,500 of the more than 85,000 sites on the National Register of Historic Places are designated National Historic Landmarks.

I’ve shot this magnificent example of Art Deco architecture before, but wanted to highlight its new status with this post. Interior’s January designation noted that the Station “is one of the most distinctive and complete examples of Art Deco architecture in the nation . . . [and] outstandingly expresses the style’s innovative and diverse surface ornamentation inspired by the machine age.” That surface ornamentation includes the heroic female and male railroad worker bas-relief sculptures seen in the photos below (and close up here and here). The station’s great hall boasts a 60 foot high, sculpted plaster ceiling with gold and silver leaf trim, a terrazzo floor including marvelous starbust patterns, and impressive 13-foot tall chandeliers. See here for more on the station’s history and architecture.

Omaha Union Station (10th Street entrance façade)
Omaha Union Station (south entrance)

Designed by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1929, Omaha Union Station opened in 1931. In addition to other rail stations and federal buildings such as the San Francisco Mint, Underwood is known for designing landmark lodges and hotels in many National Parks, including Yellowstone, Bryce, Grand Teton, and Yosemite (there the famous Ahwahnee Hotel, currently embroiled in a trademark dispute over rights to its name, but that’s another story).

mimic and pose

Blue Hour at the Durham (Union Station)

The designated landmark is actually the third Omaha Union Station at the site and replaced the second Union Station built adjacent to the historic 10th Street bridge in 1899. Omaha Burlington Station—first opened in 1898 across the rail yard from Union Station—also served passengers in the busy Omaha rail hub of the first half of the 20th Century, the fourth largest in the country. Union Station alone served about 10,000 passengers per day in the 1940s. Passenger rail service declined drastically starting in the mid-1950s, and both Omaha Union Station and Burlington Station closed in the early 1970s when a new Amtrak station opened nearby.

Donated by Union Pacific to the City of Omaha, Union Station now houses the Durham Museum. As noted on the museum’s website, the Durham showcases everything from permanent exhibits highlighting the history of Omaha and its surrounding regions, to traveling exhibitions from the museum’s national partners including the Smithsonian, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Field Museum.


To Trains

Inside Omaha Union Station

Soda Fountain
Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags_final
Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags

A full set of two dozen photos of Omaha Union Station I’ve shot over the years may be seen here, on Flickr.


Feb 242017

The Log Cabin
The Log Cabin and the Jones Street Footbridge

Some final photos from a late December walk in Omaha’s Elmwood Park. I already posted a set of photos from a frosty Christmas walk through Elmwood Park. The photos here were shot  several days later when the low-hanging, late-afternoon sun cast long shadows and  bathed trees and buildings in a warm yellow glow.  Oh, and regarding the above photo (and one below), check out these recent posts in Miss Cassette’s excellent My Omaha Obsession on the same subject: Mysteries of Omaha: The Log Cabin and the Jones Street Bridge (part 1) and part 2.

fence posts and shadow lines
fence posts and shadow lines

Elmwood Park Pavilion in the late afternoon sun
Elmwood Park Pavilion in the late afternoon sun


In addition to sanctioned urban art in the park exemplified by the above photo, local kids have kept alive the long-standing tradition of decorating the environs underneath the Jones Street bridge with graffiti and creative urban art, especially on logs around the trails underneath, as I commented on the above mentioned My Omaha Obsession post.

F*CK 50

Graffiti also shows up in the tunnel under the stone bridge in the Elmwood Park Grotto. But I believe such tunnel art is ephemeral because the City routinely paints it over (not a good backdrop for all the wedding photographers who pose wedding parties in the Grotto).

tunnel graffiti
tunnel graffiti

Jones Street Footbridge (without snow)
Jones Street Footbridge in Winter (without snow)

Elmwood Creek (with trail)_final
Elmwood Creek (with trail)

Happy trails.

Feb 172017

Elmwood Park frost and mist
Elmwood Park frost and mist

I’m finally getting around to posting some photos from late December, the last set of shots from a holiday visit to my hometown.  Although I posted other photos from the trip a few weeks ago, this last set was delayed because of other photoblog post-worthy events (e.g. the yuuge Boston Women’s March, a large rally against Trump’s immigrant and travel ban and a recent snow day).

In any event, here are a few photos from a foggy Christmas morning walk. Covered in frost, Omaha’s Elmwood Park looked beautiful, even as the frost started to melt toward the end of the walk and the icy mist began to dissipate.

out for a walk in the icy mist
out for a walk in the icy mist

Frosty mist in Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park from the Jones Street footbridge

light fog across the parktrees and trail in the midst of the frosty mistpark bench and pavilionElmwood Park Frosted

pastoral noir
pastoral noir

Hiking Behind the Bridge in Elmwood Park
Hiking Behind the Bridge in Elmwood Park

the full set may be seen here on Flickr.

Jan 192017

Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags_final
Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags

A few photos–shot as monochrome B&W with my Pen F–from a twilight walk down 10th Street while in my hometown of Omaha for the holidays. The walk started at the recently renovated Burlington Station and Omaha Union Station and continued down the 10th Street Viaduct toward the the Old Market.

I also shot a few color photos of Union Station, including this shot of the late afternoon sun illuminating the flags and Art Deco street lamps, as well as this sunset shot looking out over the Union Pacific yards and river into Iowa.  But most of the photos are of old warehouses under the 10th Street Viaduct over the rail yards by Union and Burlington Stations.  The warehouses, including the old Parlin Orendorff building, have all been renovated into residential lofts.

Butternut Coffee Building & 10th St Bridge in the Late Afternoon Sun_final

Parlin Orendorff Building & 10th St Viaduct in the Late Afternoon Sun

Old Market Lofts
Old Market Lofts

Ford's Warehouse No. 14 and couple on bridge with bouquet
Ford’s Warehouse No. 14 & Couple on Bridge with Bouquet

walkway connection

Walkway Connection

eleven lights and one flag
eleven lights and one flag