Apr 102016

marble madness_new final_ex
Marble Madness

So, last month I hit milestones for two of my photos: 30,000 and 20,000 views on Flickr. And now, another one. My “Marble Madness” photo just hit 15,000 Flickr views.

This macro marble photo, illuminated by natural sunlight from a nearby window, is licensed by Getty Images and has made me a chunk of change over the past five years. Epson featured it in a printer ad several years ago and Microsoft made it part of (and the lead photo for) a Marbles theme for Windows 7. Searching for a link just now I learned that it’s no longer available for Windows 10, having been “retired.” But its retirement was recent, it seems, because it was featured as one of the 10 Best Themes You Can Download for Windows 10 Right Now in December. Oh well. 🙂

It’s also been featured in a bunch of Flickr Galleries, like this one, along with two other photos I took in the same shoot, posted below.

macro marble madness
color splash (marble macro)


Aug 302015

fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)
fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)

Annual trip to Fair Harbor, Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. This time, I brought my trusty Samyang 7.5mm m4/3 manual fisheye (big bang for the buck, and a whole lot of fun).

the clouds with that Fair Harbor sunsetclouding up in the late afternoon

And here’s a smattering of typical Fire Island wildlife photos featuring deer and shore birds, even though I did not have a proper wildlife lens, only a slow, f/4-5.6, m4/3 60-150mm (oh, btw, this is what you get with a proper, 300mm wildlife lens). But this time the set includes a praying mantis which made a surprise appearance on the kitchen window screen before lunch (likely awaiting lunch his/herself as it perched above a window flower box, waiting for hapless insects to come within reach).

diggin' Sandpiperawaiting lunch (praying mantis on the window screen)

And here are a few more photos, including a surprise appearance by Dr. Seuss and your typical array of sunset shots because of course. Also including an homage to the evening ritual of heading down to the Bay, gin and tonic (with lime, of course) in hand just before and after sunset (photo composition and title (Fair Harbor Properly Approached at Sunset) credit: David Aimen ;)).

Full set can be seen here, on Flickr.

Feb 162014

marble madness Marble Madness

Flickr celebrated its 10th anniversary last week with a post featuring a dozen photos.  And in a nice surprise, my colorful macro titled “Marble Madness” was one of the featured photos. This created some new attention for this photo–already one of my more popular shots (although not as popular as this one)–by generating more than 1,500 new views, a couple dozen new “favorites,” and three dozen or so new followers. “Marble Madness” has now been viewed more than 5,500 times on Flickr alone and “favorited” more than 100 times. Thanks Flickr!

Flickr 10th Anniversary Blog post_topFlickr 10th Anniversary Blog post_bottom
 “Marble Madness” has also made me a chunk of change. It’s by far my most licensed photo on Getty, including by the likes of Epson and Microsoft, the latter of which featured it in a Windows 7 wallpaper theme called (what else?) “Marbles.”

And here’s another macro I took the same day that’s also full of colorful little spheres — blueberries instead of marbles. (Note that these were both shot with natural light).

blueberry breakfast

Blueberry Breakfast