Sep 212017

Walk into the sunrise_o
Walk Into the Sunrise

Photos from an August getaway to Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. This trip is an annual event going back a good 15 years (although the early trips were not all memorialized with photos). As always, there is a healthy representation of sunset photos from the Bayside and sunrise shots from the ocean side of this narrow, barrier island. Oh, and the daily gin and tonic on the dock at sunset ritual is well documented in what has become a motif.

No Lifeguard on Duty_final
No Lifeguard On Duty

Perfect Mason (gin and tonic on the dock at sunset motif)

dawn dog walk on the golden beach
dawn dog walk on the golden beach

the sun just cleared the horizon
the sun just cleared the horizon

The sun is eclipsed by the lifeguard station_final
the sun is eclipsed by the lifeguard station

Sun taunted by swirling clouds the day before the eclipse_finalSail boats on the Bay in the morning sun_finalGin and tonic sunset motif #2_finalFair Harbor dock sunset

Red Flags Out
red flags out
almost nobody up before sunrise except the shore birds
almost nobody up before sunrise except the shore birds

full set may be seen here, on Flickr.


Jul 172017

UP 844 Upfront
U.P. 844 Upfront

The last steam locomotive produced for Union Pacific in 1944, UP 844 steamed into town to be displayed across from TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha, for the College World Series last month. The 844 is one of Union Pacific’s oldest serving locomotives, and the only steam locomotive never retired by a major American railroad. In addition to the B&W photo, above, shot with my Olympus Pen-F, the photo below are iPhone shots.

Steam Locomotion_o
Steam Locomotion

UP Steam Locomotive_o
The Mighty UP 844

Jun 272017

wing reflections and the seting sun_o
wing reflections and the setting sun

What started out as a frustrating flight delay–which nearly made me miss a connecting flight–paid off with a spectacular setting sun and cloud display. First waiting to board, then from the plane as the sun started to set.

heavenly cloud display_o
heavenly cloud display

rays of hope after weather delay_o
rays of hope after a weather delay

In addition to the dramatic, sun-lit clouds, we were treated (well, those who had window seats and bothered to pay attention, which did not appear to be a whole lot of folks on a full flight) to an amazing electrical display:

Jun 162017

umbrella illumintated steam & reflections_o
umbrella, illuminated steam, and street reflections

A few iPhone shots. First, a black and white shot of Beacon Street on rainy night on Beacon Hill. Despite the challenge of shooting a dark street punctuated by bright car and street lights, this hand-held iPhone shot turned out quite well indeed. I’m particularly fond of this photo, especially because it took some patience, despite the rain, to frame a passerby with an umbrella just right in the available light.

Although less challenging, the twilight shots from the Back Bay near Bay Village also turned out nicely.

Back Bay Twilight composition (with fence)
Twilight Back bay (with fence)

Valet (twilight Back Bay)

Jun 112017

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow light bridge for Pride Week

A few photos, including some iPhone shots, during Boston’s Pride Week, including the Pride Parade on June 10th.

Orlando Pulse Survivors
Orlando Pulse Survivors

A nice surprise to see the colorful and jubilant float with survivors of the tragic mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub nearly a year ago to the day of Boston’s parade. The Pulse shooting, which claimed 50 lives, was the deadliest instance of violence against the LBGT community in U.S. history, and the countries’ deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.

Pride flag draped over the old Hancock Building (with clouds)

Boston Pride
Boston Pride

May 262017

Boston Mourns Manchester as Union Jack fles at half mast over City Hall Plaza_o
Boston Mourns Manchester Victims

The Union Jack flies at half mast over City Hall Plaza as Boston mourns victims of the terrorist bombing at the Manchester Arena. A couple of quick iPhone shots a couple of days after the bombing. #iPhoneography #ManchesterBombing

Boston Mourns Manchester victims_oThe Union Jack flies at half mast over City Hall Plaza

Dec 312016

joslyn art museum composition
Joslyn Composition

A few iPhone photos of Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. The museum boasts a great permanent collection, and the Art Deco architecture is worth a visit alone. As wikipedia notes, the building, opened in 1931, is constructed of “Georgia Pink marble, with 38 different marbles from all over the world in the interior.” Some of that marble is seen in these shots, including the gorgeous fountain court.

joslyn fountain court
fountain court at Joslyn Art Museum2
Looking towards the Fountain Court at Joslyn Art Museum

Dec 072016

Holiday Lights and Tree at Faneuil Hall_new final
Waiting for the Faneuil Hall Holiday Tree Light Show

The tree at Boston’s Faneuil Hall was lit before Thanksgiving. I stopped by to watch the Holiday Tree light show on my way down to Christopher Columbus Park to photograph the holiday lights on the trellis. Here are a few shots, all hand-held, of the Fanueil Hall Holiday Tree during the light show, which sees the tree’s lights cycle through multiple variations in sync with holiday music. I’m particularly fond of the lighting and composition of the top photo, shot before the light show started.


Blink light show on Fanieuall Hall Holiday TreeXmas Tree Light ShowChristmas Tree RedChristmas Tree Green

Faneuil Hall Holiday Tree

And finally, a couple of quick iPhone photos of the tree on Boston Common, with the State House and Park Street Church in the background.

Holiday Lights on Boston Common

Boston Common Tree with Park Street Church
Tree on Boston Common with Statehouse
Tree on Boston Common with State House