Aug 302015

fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)
fair harbor fisheye view (late afternoon, ocean side)

Annual trip to Fair Harbor, Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. This time, I brought my trusty Samyang 7.5mm m4/3 manual fisheye (big bang for the buck, and a whole lot of fun).

the clouds with that Fair Harbor sunsetclouding up in the late afternoon

And here’s a smattering of typical Fire Island wildlife photos featuring deer and shore birds, even though I did not have a proper wildlife lens, only a slow, f/4-5.6, m4/3 60-150mm (oh, btw, this is what you get with a proper, 300mm wildlife lens). But this time the set includes a praying mantis which made a surprise appearance on the kitchen window screen before lunch (likely awaiting lunch his/herself as it perched above a window flower box, waiting for hapless insects to come within reach).

diggin' Sandpiperawaiting lunch (praying mantis on the window screen)

And here are a few more photos, including a surprise appearance by Dr. Seuss and your typical array of sunset shots because of course. Also including an homage to the evening ritual of heading down to the Bay, gin and tonic (with lime, of course) in hand just before and after sunset (photo composition and title (Fair Harbor Properly Approached at Sunset) credit: David Aimen ;)).

Full set can be seen here, on Flickr.

Jul 052015

featured on the Pixpa blog

A while back, the web-portfolio developer Pixpa approached me to do an interview for their blog (I used Pixpa to develop my photography website). I agreed and the interview was published in late June. They only publish these photographer or artist “in the spotlight” interviews once a month. Nice to get noticed, and it was fun to be interviewed. Pixpa is one of the leading photography and fine art website developers worldwide. You can read the interview here.

riding the crest

no lifeguard on duty

Aug 102012

under the interstate

 When I was back in my hometown last month, I set out in the morning armed with my Olympus Pen E-P3 and a few lenses (including a 7.5mm fisheye and 12mm f/2.0) on a day destined to hit 98 degrees F by mid afternoon. I headed to the Interstate 80 overpass near 33rd and Vinton Street in Omaha to shoot the long abandoned giant grain elevators now used as a canvas for urban art. While the Emerging Terrain silo art installation provided some fun subject matter (see photos in this prior post), I also had fun shooting the urban setting around the public art in B&W to emphasize the grittiness and decay of the old grain elevators and adjacent interstate overpass, as reflected in these shots.

sun, shadows and silos


May 192012

Boston (curved) click to view large

Finally got a chance to use my new Samyang 7.5mm manual fisheye lens (m 4/3 for my Oly Pen E-P3).  I spent a gorgeous spring day in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, including atop the Tower and its panoramic views of the Boston skyline.  The sprawling cemetery spans parts of Cambridge and Watertown, contains several ponds and vernal pools, and is awash in wildlife (it’s a well known haven for bird watchers from around the Northeast).

Here’s a 50mm shot (cropped) from the Tower.  That’s the Harvard Stadium in the far foreground: