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Highline Flowers
High Line Flowers

I took a stroll on the High Line on a cloudy August day after a week on Fire Island. The High Line is an urban greenway — a former elevated freight rail line transformed into a park and trail that runs from the West Village and Meatpacking District through Chelsea, ending beyond Penn Station.

Highline (on a curve)
High Line on a Curve

Note the funky sculpture in front of a newish apartment building on the High Line, juxtaposed with some old school graffiti and a dramatic piece political art (more on that below). Funky Chelsea buts heads with the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and new construction along the High Line. (Or, perhaps more accurately: new, high end gentrification on top of and alongside previous, lower rent (relatively speaking) Chelsea gentrification).

Blind Idealism is Deadly
Blind Idealism is Reactionary Scary Deadly

“Blind Idealism is . . .” by renowned artist Barbara Kruger, commissioned by Friends of the High Line.

Kruger is an American artist known for “insistently addressing the issues of power, property, money, race, and sexuality. Over the past three decades her work has ranged from the photographic merging of image and text, to immersive video installations, to room-wrapping textual exhibitions, to large-scale outdoor displays of words and images. Two of her best-known works – Your body is a battleground and I shop therefore I am – also showcase the feminist overtones of her artworks, and her concentration on women as a lucrative site for advertising and consumerism.

The original quote — “Blind idealism is reactionary” — came from Afro-Caribbean philosopher and postcolonial revolutionary thinker Frantz Fanon (1925–61), whom Kruger describes as “prescient in some ways.”

High Line Follage (with Empire State Building)
High Line Follage (and Empire State of mind)

Highline yawn
High Line Yawn

The full set, along with some winter High Line photos from a few years ago, may be seen here.

Mar 122013


iPhone shot of a building mural toward the north end of the High Line around 29th Street. The walkway is covered because of new building construction just off the east side.

I took a couple of blustery winter day strolls on the High Line during a recent trip to New York.

Kobra's Kolorful Times Square Kiss
Kobra’s Kolorful Times Square Kiss


Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind

Winter brush and berries on the High Line
Winter brush and berries on the High Line