Jan 292017

Not this time
Not This Time

More than 20,000 people protested in Boston’s Copley Square against Trump’s immigrant ban on Sunday, January 30, 2017. This demonstration followed the large and spontaneous protest at Boston’s Logan Airport Saturday night. Late Saturday and very early Sunday morning (2:00AM) federal judges in New York and Boston, respectively, temporarily blocked Trump’s immigration ban, pending full hearing at later dates in February.

For more on Sunday’s demonstration in Copley Square, see this Boston Globe video and article.

Copley Square Protest Against Trump's Muslim Ban

The US was Founded by Immigrants & Protects Religious Freedom

Copley Square Sunday Jan 29th

We Demand Justice

First They Came for the Muslims and I Said NOT THIS TIMEFirst They Came for the Muslims and I Said NOT THIS TIME

Full set of photos may be seen here on Flickr.