Jul 172015

dusk at the ballpark
Dusk at the Ballpark

Annual summer trip to my hometown to visit family and take in some games at the College World Series.  The CWS is held at TD Ameritrade Park, the newish stadium in downtown Omaha. Prior to 2011, the CWS was played in Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium for 60 years.

leaving the Stadium

Jun 292014

clouds over the stadium
Clouds over the Stadium

I try to get back to my hometown every summer to visit family and see several College World Series games.  This is the fourth College World Series played at TD Ameritrade Park, the (relatively) new stadium in downtown Omaha. Up until 2011, the CWS was played in Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium for 60 years.

This year, a violent thunder thunderstorm interrupted, then stopped one of the games. It was fun to watch the storm descend on the stadium (so long as you were in the grandstand comfortably underneath the second deck). Here are a few photos of the storm moving in, along with a couple of shots of the stadium (inside and out) before the game.

Dec 152011

A few days ago I found a nice post on my facebook page from an old High School friend that said:

I just bought a calendar for next year at Barnes & Noble. It is pictures of Omaha and what do you know, Matthew Ireland’s pictures are the cover of several months :). I am a host family and my student from [a different country] will be taking the calendar back home tomorrow. Good job Matt!

It was very gratifying to realize that someone I knew saw the calendar and bought it…only to discover later that it included four of my photos.  The calendar is by American City Calendars, which publishes, as they put it, “calendars containing beautiful photography while listing fun and interesting events taking place in and around the highlighted cities” in the Midwest, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Omaha. I was contacted about this shot of the new baseball stadium downtown, Ameritrade Park, which just opened this year, replacing Omaha’s historic Rosenblatt Stadium, home of baseball’s College World Series for 60 years. This June saw the first CWS in the new ballpark:

nighttime at the new ballpark

These two photos, along with two others of mine, made it into the 2012 Omaha calendar (and made me a chunk of change).  I told my mom that they were being sold at Barnes & Noble and she went out the next day and . . . bought the entire stock (well, they only had three left, and that’s just one bookstore:)).