Mar 102017

Meatpacking District Gentrification Reflections
Reflecting on Meatpacking District Gentrification

A second and final set of photos from a recent trip to New York City. The first set featured black and white images, while this set showcases NYC in all its many colors. Featured here, as before, are shots from a walk to and from Penn Station to the West Village via the High Line, and another post-brunch, Sunday walk through the Meatpacking District and Chelsea.

Not Scary
Not Scary

This framing isolating scary takes the piece of public art out of context, but I like the message (and composition) of the photo. Here’s the full piece of art on the High Line, shot last August:

Blind Idealism is Deadly

The High Line, which I’ve shot a couple of times before, is an urban greenway—-a former elevated freight rail line transformed into a park and trail that runs from the West Village and Meatpacking District through Chelsea, ending beyond Penn Station.

High Line and Hotel Rooftop Sunset Crowds
High Line and Hotel Rooftop Sunset Crowds

Magic Hour Behind Chelsea Market
Magic Hour Behind Chelsea Market

New York in all its colors
New York in All its Colors

like port holes
Like Port Holes


Dos Caminos

SushiSushi (and art on the High Line)


The full set may be seen here, on Flickr.


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