Feb 112017

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe
Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

First snow day of the winter.  A large storm pounded the east coast, creating blizzard conditions in Boston for about five hours.  Although the snowfall was very heavy at the height of the storm, we only ended up with about a foot of snow in the city.  And more snow is in store for this weekend, but it will likely change to rain.  Up until now, we’ve had very little snow and are far removed from the massive winter two years ago, the total snowfall for which was 110 inches.  And most of that fell in a relentless series of storms from late January through early March.

But back to this storm.  It was fun to be out in the height of the snowfall, walking around my neighborhood.  The streets were basically deserted but for snowplows.  Most shops, cafes and restaurants were closed.  Very few people were out and about, except for kids sledding in Sparrow Park a block away from my house, and a few souls out walking dogs or just enjoying the blizzard.

Snow Day Sledding in Titus Sparrow Park
Snow Day Sledding in Titus Sparrow Park

Snow on the block
snow piling up on the block

Stone Cold Harriet Tubman
Stone Cold Harriet Tubman (Harriet Tubman Memorial and Park)

snowing heavily outside my door
Southwest Corridor Park, steps from my door

out for a walk
out for a walk

The full set of photos may be seen here, on Flickr.

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