Jan 292017

Not this time
Not This Time

More than 20,000 people protested in Boston’s Copley Square against Trump’s immigrant ban on Sunday, January 30, 2017. This demonstration followed the large and spontaneous protest at Boston’s Logan Airport Saturday night. Late Saturday and very early Sunday morning (2:00AM) federal judges in New York and Boston, respectively, temporarily blocked Trump’s immigration ban, pending full hearing at later dates in February.

For more on Sunday’s demonstration in Copley Square, see this Boston Globe video and article.

Copley Square Protest Against Trump's Muslim Ban

The US was Founded by Immigrants & Protects Religious Freedom

Copley Square Sunday Jan 29th

We Demand Justice

First They Came for the Muslims and I Said NOT THIS TIMEFirst They Came for the Muslims and I Said NOT THIS TIME

Full set of photos may be seen here on Flickr.

Jan 282017

Eric Dolphy, 1964 © Chuck Stewart

Legendary photographer Chuck Stewart died last week, although the news of his death just became widely known yesterday. Stewart shot more than two thousand album covers and is best known for his work with jazz musicians. Many of his photos, like the shot of Eric Dolphy, above, are now among the best known and most iconic images of the artists depicted.

In 2014, Stewart donated 25 images of John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, including several shot during the sessions for A Love Supreme. See this WBUR, Boston, story about Stewart’s photo donation to the Smithsonian, including this photo of John and Alice Coltrane:

John and Alice Coltrane, 1966 © Chuck Stewart

Quincy Jones © Chuck Stewart

Here are a just a few of his jazz album covers, courtesy of wikipedia commons:

Shepp4forTraneDear_John_CPSanders_TauhidLove_Crypharoahsanders-karmaAscensionArchie_Shepp_-_Attica_BluesThe Blues and the Abstract Truth Oliver Nelson

More of Stewart’s photos may be seen here in this Jazz In Photo blog.


Jan 222017

looking toward the stage
Looking toward the stage at the Boston Women’s March

About 175,000 gathered on Boston Common to hear Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, Attorney General Maura Healey, Mayor Walsh, other elected officials, activists and musicians before the Boston Women’s March. One of about 675 marches around the world, with nearly 5 million participants, the Boston Women’s March was an amazing phenomenon. Here’s an aerial video of the huge Boston crowd shot by a local news affiliate. Although the official estimate was 175,000, event organizers say more than 200,000 souls were at the Boston march.

I arrived about a half hour before the event was scheduled to start and found one of the last open perches on the benches ringing the monument on the hill looking toward the stage (down near the corner of Beacon and Charles).  Not a bad place for photos, the monument was approximately in the middle of the huge crowd filling much of Boston Common.

Love Not Hate Makes America Great
Love Not Hate Makes America Great

We the People
We the People

Boston Women's March pre-march speakers about to get underway
10:45AM, Waiting for the Event to Begin

Misogyny, Racism & Ignorance Are Not Family Values
Misogyny, Racism & Ignorance Are Not Family Values

DicktatorWomen's Rights Are Human RightsSeven in a TreeColorfulBefore the Boston Women's MarchMonumental

The event started at 11AM and the march began around 1PM (the progression from cloudy morning to sunny afternoon can be seen in the two photos of the monument, above). Although the march through the Common, past the Public Garden and down Commonwealth Ave and back was short, the last marchers didn’t finish until about 4PM given the size of the crowd.

Commonwealth Ave is Bursting at the Seams
Commonwealth Ave is Bursting at the Seams

Love Trumps Hate
Love Trumps Hate

Long Shadows
Late Afternoon Long Shadows

Marching Down Beacon StreetMarching Down Both Sides of Commonwealth Ave
Orange Trump Voodoo DollFull set of my photos of the Boston Women’s March may be seen here on Flickr.

Jan 192017

Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags_final
Setting Sun Illuminates Union Station Lights and Flags

A few photos–shot as monochrome B&W with my Pen F–from a twilight walk down 10th Street while in my hometown of Omaha for the holidays. The walk started at the recently renovated Burlington Station and Omaha Union Station and continued down the 10th Street Viaduct toward the the Old Market.

I also shot a few color photos of Union Station, including this shot of the late afternoon sun illuminating the flags and Art Deco street lamps, as well as this sunset shot looking out over the Union Pacific yards and river into Iowa.  But most of the photos are of old warehouses under the 10th Street Viaduct over the rail yards by Union and Burlington Stations.  The warehouses, including the old Parlin Orendorff building, have all been renovated into residential lofts.

Butternut Coffee Building & 10th St Bridge in the Late Afternoon Sun_final

Parlin Orendorff Building & 10th St Viaduct in the Late Afternoon Sun

Old Market Lofts
Old Market Lofts

Ford's Warehouse No. 14 and couple on bridge with bouquet
Ford’s Warehouse No. 14 & Couple on Bridge with Bouquet

walkway connection

Walkway Connection

eleven lights and one flag
eleven lights and one flag

Jan 072017

Downtown Walk with Holiday Lights
Downtown Walk with Holiday Lights

I took a late evening walk through the Central Park Mall near the Old Market while I was in my hometown of Omaha for the Holidays. Here are a few photos (all hand-held).

Happy New Year.

Holiday Lights Along the Mall
Holiday Lights Along the Mall

Fashion Photo Shoot On the Steps at Twilight

Fashion Photo Shoot on the Mall

The Arch
The Arch

Mall Lit Up
Mall Lit Up