Apr 102016

marble madness_new final_ex
Marble Madness

So, last month I hit milestones for two of my photos: 30,000 and 20,000 views on Flickr. And now, another one. My “Marble Madness” photo just hit 15,000 Flickr views.

This macro marble photo, illuminated by natural sunlight from a nearby window, is licensed by Getty Images and has made me a chunk of change over the past five years. Epson featured it in a printer ad several years ago and Microsoft made it part of (and the lead photo for) a Marbles theme for Windows 7. Searching for a link just now I learned that it’s no longer available for Windows 10, having been “retired.” But its retirement was recent, it seems, because it was featured as one of the 10 Best Themes You Can Download for Windows 10 Right Now in December. Oh well. 🙂

It’s also been featured in a bunch of Flickr Galleries, like this one, along with two other photos I took in the same shoot, posted below.

macro marble madness
color splash (marble macro)