Feb 212016

saturday night snow
Saturday Night Snow

So, sometime last week two of my photos hit a milestone on Flickr.  The long exposure night shot, above, of Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue Mall in the snow (with the uninspiring name “Saturday Night Snow”) reached 20,000 Flickr views, while shot below from last year reached 30,000 views.

The Saturday Night Snow photo has long been one of my most popular. It’s available for licensing from Getty Images and is on sale as a fine art print at a custom frame shop in Boston’s South End. The only reason the much less remarkable shot, below, from last year now has more than 30,000 views is because it was featured on the Flickr blog last year in a post about Boston’s Snowmaggedon. The shot, taken along Boston’s Southwest Corridor park “greenway,” is from the first big snowstorm of Boston’s historic winter of 2015, which saw 110 inches of snow when it was all said and done.

snow bank along the path
Snow Bank Along the Path

More of my photos from last year’s historic winter may be seen here, including this shot of a cross-country skier along the Southwest Corridor:

the best way to get around

the best way to get around

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Feb 062016

the sun breaks out at twilight as the snow tapers off
the sun breaks out at twilight before it stops snowing

A heavy, wet snow blanketed Boston on Friday. Late in the day, as the snow was tapering off, the sun broke out at twilight. A sunshower, but with snow (a sunsnowshower?). This iPhone shot was taken from my window at work. Given how wet the snow was, and given that it’s not at all uncommon to see rainbows from this window, I was hoping for “snowbow” to break across the sky. But no.

Walking home that evening was quite the stroll through a winter wonderland.  As you can see from the foreground of the above photo, the snow beautifully coated the trees. As I arrived home, I was greeted by this lovely scene outside my condo, just off the Southwest Corridor Park:

 in front of the condo after the snow_finalilluminated snow in front of my building after the snow

And here’s what I saw from my window when I got home (just a mediocre iPhone shot, but it conveys the magic of the snow-covered trees partially illuminated by the lamp-post lights outside):

out the window after the snow_B&Wthe magical view out my window upon arriving home after the snow

Oh, and more snow is on the way for Monday.