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Burlington Station from Union Station
Burlington Station from Union Station

While I was back in my hometown over the holidays visiting family, I got a tour of the newly renovated Burlington Train Station by my brother’s wife, Sheila Ireland, who was the lead architect on the project (more on that below). Although I only had my iPhone, I managed to get some good images.

Restored Floor and Ceiling (1)
hall with restored tile floor, benches and rosette ceiling

The Burlington Station first opened in 1898 in time for the Trans-Mississippi Exposition World’s Fair held in Omaha. Designed by architect Thomas Rogers Kimball in an Italianate style with massive granite columns evocative of a Greek temple, the station echoed the style of Trans-Mississippi International Exposition. The station underwent a major renovation and re-design in 1930 to compete with the new Art Deco Omaha Union Station just across the rail yard (see this set of photos shot a few days later).

Burlington Station closed in 1974 after Amtrak constructed a new station to the east. The building passed through several owners and unsuccessful plans for various renovations and adaptive reuses, including failed plans for office space and residential condos, until local ABC-affiliate KETV purchased the property to relocate its TV station. Omaha-based architectural firm Leo A. Daly won the project and Sheila Ireland become the lead architect in no small part because she had done her Master Thesis on adaptive reuse of the Burlington Station. See this special presentation on the newly opened station, which includes this brief tour of the station and interview with Sheila, seen here in this video:

See also this article from the Omaha World Herald.

Restored Doors and Ceiling
Omaha's News Leaderend of the tour

Arched Ceiling and HallwayBurlington Northern train cars passing through

looking across the rail yard to Union StationBurlington Station front facade (B&W)
Lower level looking out to Union Station with passing Burlington Northern rail cars, and the front facade

another view of Burlington Station and the rail yard between Burlington and Union Stations

Here are some additional photos of the station before and after renovation from KETV. The full set of my photos may be see here, on Flickr.

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