Sep 102015

Foggy Boston (Beacon Hill)
Foggy Boston and Soupy Charles River (with Beacon Hill)

I recently came across this old (2012) photo of a very foggy Boston night which I never got around to posting.  Using a tripod, I shot this from the Massachusetts Ave Bridge looking across the Charles River to Beacon Hill. I decided this dark and foggy shot could see the light of day, as it were.  Although the photo is not all that striking, the light illuminating the heavy, misty air, the  partially shrouded buildings, and the nearly glowing Statehouse Dome provide interest and make this shot a keeper.

Sep 032015

I Washboard Co. 608 (with rusty toy firetruck)
Washboard and Rusty Toy Fire Truck (after the rain)

This old, rusty toy fire truck has been parked in deep in the backyard behind the rental house we visit in Fair Harbor, Fire Island for a few years now. It’s turning into a planter all on its own. But this year I noticed a washboard placed alongside for decorative purposes, leaning up against a tree. I have no idea if this washboard is a reproduction or an antique, but it has a very rustic, weathered charm either way. The morning after a rain storm–ground and leaves still wet–was the perfect time to compose and capture a few images of the scene. I processed the above photo in sepia with heavy vignetting and some added grain for that old-timey look. Here’s one of the truck in black and white, without the washboard:

the fire truck in the backyard
the rusty fire truck in the back yard is turning into a planter

And here are two very lightly processed versions of the same photos in color, to give you a sense of what the damp, post-rain backyard scene really looked like.

the fire truck in the backyard I Washboard Co. 608 (with rusty toy firetruck)


Annual trip to Fair Harbor, Fire Island, New York, and various points along the Fire Island National Seashore. Full set may be seen here, on Flickr