Apr 152015

Welcome Explosions
Welcome Explosions

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s also the first One Boston Day–a day to not only commemorate the victims of that tragedy, but to honor and celebrate the City’s resilience, resolve and rejuvenation as it came together as one in the aftermath. More photos and information about One Boston Day, 4.15, may be found here in this Boston Globe article.

I posted twice in the immediate aftermath of the Marathon bombings (see here and here). I live not far from the Marathon finish line and was outside and heard the bombs going off just a few blocks away (a sickening sound that I’ll never forget). After the first explosion, everyone was silent for several seconds and then we all began wondering what had exploded and why . . . although given how close we were to the Marathon finish line, I think everybody instantly expected the worst. Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed after several more moments when the second bomb went off.

I’ve re-posted a few photos from my neighborhood just after the bombing, below (my block was on lock down and I couldn’t get back into my apartment for about five hours), and a shot of one makeshift memorial that sprung up at one of the bombing sites near the Marathon finish line.

But my favorite photo from that tragic time is the iPhone shot at the top of this post. Titled “Welcome Explosions,” it was taken on my block just two days after the Marathon bombings as the weather brightened and blossoms on the Magnolia trees exploded. Here’s what I wrote then:

The day after the bombing was chilly, dreary and very blustery. Not at all pleasant and it heightened the anxious mood. But the next day was gorgeous. Warm weather really made the Magnolia trees blossoms on my block burst full blown, as seen below. Very welcome explosions compared to those in my neighborhood two days before. This is a quick iPhone capture taken as the sun lowered near the horizon. It’s amazing how much the weather changing overnight to turn into one of the sunniest, most gorgeous Spring days yet can help boost feelings of hope, resilience and renewal. Happy Spring!

Marathon Place