Jul 252014

water off the tail fin (with tug boat)
water off the tail fin (with tug boat)

Whale watching trip on a glorious July day, heading out of Plymouth Harbor on a four-hour tour of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Saw an incredible number of Humpback Whales (more than on any other whale watch I’ve been on, and I’ve been on a few).

Humpback whales often feed by skimming the surface of the water, open-mouthed, capturing small fish, krill and other zooplankton by filtering them through their baleen.

Here are a few shots from the whale watch, including shots of a Humpback blow hole, an exhaling Humpback blowing spray, and Humpbacks diving and filter feeding (and attracting gulls and other sea birds to feast on any leftovers).  Full set on Flickr.

I also got a few good shots of sea birds and ducks.
take off

Jul 152014

in the muck (Collared Plover on Plum Island)

Collared Plover Hanging out on Plum Island

Summer trip to Plum Island, Massachusetts. Piping Plovers, a rare species protected under the federal and Massachusetts Endangered Species Acts, nest in the dunes and upper beaches on Plum Island, but are not accessible at this time of the year.  All dune and beach areas with (eggs or) hatchlings are protected with fencing and are strictly off-limits. But it was easy to get fairly close to some adult Collared Plovers (not endangered) away from the beach, as seen by these few shots.
above the muck (on Plum Island)

Jul 022014

Joslyn Art Museum in the Summer
Joslyn Art Museum with daffodils

A few photos from a visit to Joslyn Art Museum and Lauritzen Botanical Gardens during a summer trip to my hometown to see family and the College World Series. Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum is a beautiful piece of art deco architecture with a surprisingly good permanent art collection (for a city of Omaha’s size). It routinely gets great exhibits to boot. Lauritzen Gardens is Omaha’s Botanical Garden south of downtown near the (Missouri) River.

Brook (in the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens)

Brook in the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens