May 172014


An absolutely perfect spring day in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which straddles Cambridge and Watertown. Birds, bees, frogs, turtles and colorful explosions of bloom and blossom everywhere you turned. All in a sprawling, historic cemetery (the first “garden cemetery”), that is also an amazing arboretum and urban wildlife sanctuary.

And in early- to mid-May, Mt. Auburn becomes a hot spot for birders around the region because it is teeming with birds, especially warblers in their spring migration. According to MassAudubon’s Carol Decker, “for warblers who have often traveled more than 200 miles the previous night and need a day or two to rest and feed, this place [Mt. Auburn] represents a significant green footprint.” See this Boston Globe article for more.

contemplating a snack  peeking

Although it’s a bit difficult to get great warbler shot armed only with a consumer level 70mm-300mm lens, I did catch a few decent shots.  It’s a bit easier to capture photos of turtle, frogs, and tadpoles in any of Mt. Auburn’s many ponds.
croak softly and cary a big stickpsychedelic tadpoleNot Yet Yertle

And these are even easier to capture:

Leopoldfiddlin around_ B&Wthe chapel