Mar 262014

Engine 33 |Ladder 15
Engine 33 | Ladder 15 Fire House

This Fire House was the home station for two Boston Firefighters who gave their lives fighting today’s devastating fire on Beacon Street in the Back Bay. The Engine 33 | Ladder 15 Fire House–the oldest operating fire station in Boston (and one of the oldest in the nation)–is just a few blocks from my house. I stopped by to pay my respects (with my iPhone camera, as it were) on my way home tonight. Notice the flag at half mast. More on the terrible fire with photos from the Boston Globe, here.

UPDATE: I stopped by the morning after the fire and found that a makeshift memorial had sprung up between the doors of the Engine 33 | Ladder 15 Fire House to honor the two fallen firefighters.  The memorial grew considerably during the day, as seen here in this “Fallen Firefighters Remembered” video from the Boston Globe.

engine 33 memorial


UPDATE 2: By Sauturday morning, the memorial had really blossomed,
see this photo by Rachel LebeauxBj6rRP5IEAAcHaI.jpg_large

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