Feb 162014

marble madness Marble Madness

Flickr celebrated its 10th anniversary last week with a post featuring a dozen photos.  And in a nice surprise, my colorful macro titled “Marble Madness” was one of the featured photos. This created some new attention for this photo–already one of my more popular shots (although not as popular as this one)–by generating more than 1,500 new views, a couple dozen new “favorites,” and three dozen or so new followers. “Marble Madness” has now been viewed more than 5,500 times on Flickr alone and “favorited” more than 100 times. Thanks Flickr!

Flickr 10th Anniversary Blog post_topFlickr 10th Anniversary Blog post_bottom
 “Marble Madness” has also made me a chunk of change. It’s by far my most licensed photo on Getty, including by the likes of Epson and Microsoft, the latter of which featured it in a Windows 7 wallpaper theme called (what else?) “Marbles.”

And here’s another macro I took the same day that’s also full of colorful little spheres — blueberries instead of marbles. (Note that these were both shot with natural light).

blueberry breakfast

Blueberry Breakfast