May 182013

Mary Baker Eddy Memorial

The Mary Baker Eddy Memorial on Halcyon Lake in Mt. Auburn Cemetery

An absolutely perfect spring day in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which straddles Cambridge and Watertown. Birds, bees, frogs, turtles and colorful explosions of bloom and blossom everywhere you turned. All in a sprawling, historic cemetery (the first “garden cemetery”), that is also an amazing arboretum and urban wildlife sanctuary.

i like turtlesbuzzzzz

pond reflections (with three frogs)

Frog is greater than (frog > stick)

Frog is greater than (frog > stick)

Here’s a Vine video loop of tranquil Willow Pond:


And here’s Washington Tower and the Chapel in Mt. Auburn Cemetery. ¬†Also, the large stained glass window in the Chapel and the view of Cambridge, Watertown and the Boston skyline from the Tower:

with the sun peaking out from behind Boston & Cambridge & Watertown from the Tower (at 60mm)stained glass Chapel