Sep 092012

Magenta Sunset. Fair Harbor, Fire Island

A few photos from a week in late August on Fire Island, a trip which is an annual event. As always, there are a few sunset photos. Along with beach time and bike riding, two of the Fire Island¬†August rituals are 1) gin and tonics (with lime, of course) while grilling just before sunset, and 2) shooting the sunset from the Bay side of Fair Harbor, on the Bay Walk. Sometimes my gin and tonic making duties conflict temporarily with my sunset photo taking duties, but any grumbling tapers off once we’ve all had a round (or two) of G&Ts. All of us rarely, if ever, drink gin and tonics any time other than August, but nothing tastes better at sunset in Fire Island.

There are also a couple shots of Fire Island Light, but none as good as this one from last year.