Dec 162011

Lonely Lunch Time Snow Walk

When I got home from a Holiday Party last night I found an email from the City News writer for BostonInno, the view from inside Boston, who said she was working on a “Best Boston Photos of the Year” post and asked if she could include some of my photos, with credit and link-back to my website or Flickr. After a quick exchange that basically amounted to me saying “sure”, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the article. Well, it turns out the piece is not just a random collection of cool shots of the city, but is titled 50 Incredible Photos of Boston in 2011: Year in Review and:

takes a look back at the ups, the downs and beautiful moments from the past 12 months. From Hurricane Irene and tornadoes in the west, to the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup and Boston remembering 9/11, to Whitey Bulger’s capture and Occupy Boston, it’s been an incredible year filled with joy, sadness, anger, resilience and even fear for New Englanders. Below are 50 of Boston’s best moments captured in awe-inspiring photos.

Four of my photos –all representing that inevitable annual Boston phenomenon, snow– ended up making it into the article.   Three are represented in this post.  The article contains some nice  shots of the city, along with Boston Globe and AP photos of key news events that made up Boston, 2011.

All-in-all, a very nice surprise to have my work included, with links back to my photography website just a couple weeks after it went live.

this didn’t make the article, but I like it better than the “frosted” Lucy Stone shot above that was included:

Stone Cold Lucy Stone

Dec 152011

A few days ago I found a nice post on my facebook page from an old High School friend that said:

I just bought a calendar for next year at Barnes & Noble. It is pictures of Omaha and what do you know, Matthew Ireland’s pictures are the cover of several months :). I am a host family and my student from [a different country] will be taking the calendar back home tomorrow. Good job Matt!

It was very gratifying to realize that someone I knew saw the calendar and bought it…only to discover later that it included four of my photos.  The calendar is by American City Calendars, which publishes, as they put it, “calendars containing beautiful photography while listing fun and interesting events taking place in and around the highlighted cities” in the Midwest, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Omaha. I was contacted about this shot of the new baseball stadium downtown, Ameritrade Park, which just opened this year, replacing Omaha’s historic Rosenblatt Stadium, home of baseball’s College World Series for 60 years. This June saw the first CWS in the new ballpark:

nighttime at the new ballpark

These two photos, along with two others of mine, made it into the 2012 Omaha calendar (and made me a chunk of change).  I told my mom that they were being sold at Barnes & Noble and she went out the next day and . . . bought the entire stock (well, they only had three left, and that’s just one bookstore:)).