Feb 042018

After the Rain

The Old State House, Boston, (with the Custom House Tower in the background) in the evening after a rainy day. Opened in 1713, the Old State House is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States.  A familiar Boston scene, the building more typically shot in from the other side in daylight and in color.

This iPhone shot made Flickr Explore (highest rank: #86, 1/23/18). Explore compiles the 500 “most interesting” of the (literally) millions of photos posted to Flickr everyday. Always an honor.

And here’s another night photo from Clarendon Square in Boston’s South End. A historic Boston Church converted to condos.

Silent night (South End church lofts at night)




Jan 202018

Snow day crowd thinning in Sparrow Park

I took a stroll through my neighborhood as Bomb Cyclone Grayson started to wind down. The storm, while beautifully coating the area in a thick blanket of snow, caused severe flooding along the Massachusetts coast, including in Boston’s Seaport District, the Harbor along Long Wharf, and Atlantic Avenue downtown. The Boston Globe posted photos and videos showing just how bad the flooding was during the storm. The storm surge and damaging coastal flooding was a wake up call about the need for resiliency planning in the face of climate change and rising sea levels.

But the snow looked beautiful in Boston’s South End and Titus Sparrow Park.

Union Church through the Pines

Peaceful South End as the Storm Starts to Wind Down

Snow Day Sledding in Sparrow Park

Braddock Park at Dusk During the Storm


Jan 112018

Old Market Passageway with Holiday Lights

Listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Market was originally Omaha’s wholesale grocery district. Starting in the late 1960s, funky art galleries, restaurants, and boutique shops began springing up along the cobblestone streets and the area gradually became more upscale with loft condos filling the warehouses. It’s a vibrant part of the city with street performers and many of the area’s best restaurants, galleries, and shops.

Poinsettia-matching red scarf

Rubin Distributing / Jams

I also stopped by to check out the recently reopened M’s Pub in the heart of the Old Market. The building housing M’s was nearly destroyed a couple of years ago by a devastating fire. The fire completely gutted the building, taking out the roof and part of an exterior wall. The space inside M’s has been completely restored and, amazingly, is all but indistinguishable from its original condition.

M’s has reopened! (After a devastating fire)

A dusting of snow (outside the recently reopened M’s)


Jan 062018

Snow on the Skylights with Chihuly Sculpture

While in my hometown of Omaha over the holidays, I stopped by Joslyn Art Museum. While the museum hosts excellent exhibitions and boasts a great permanent collection, the Art Deco architecture is reason alone to visit. As wikipedia notes, the building, opened in 1931, is constructed of “Georgia Pink marble, with 38 different marbles from all over the world in the interior.” Some of that marble is seen in these shots, including the foyer and gorgeous fountain court.

The Hunter and the Hunted

This Native American hunter and Pronghorn Antelope sculpture by Paul Manship (1917) graces the museum’s large foyer. For years, it sat on opposite sides of the museum’s concert hall, near the stage.

He’s Looking at the Fountain Court

The Storz Fountain Court at Joslyn Art Museum . . . Poinsettia-matching Coat at the Fountain Court

And finally, a view of the Museum’s gorgeous Founder’s Room.

Doorway Silhouette

Jan 032018

Watch that First Step…

It snowed a couple of times in Omaha when I was back in my hometown for the holidays. In what has become a holiday tradition, I got up early after a fresh snow and stomped down to my old stomping grounds–Elmwood Park, just a couple blocks from my childhood home (were my mom still lives). It was crazy cold, and I mostly took quick iPhone shots, but they came out quite well.

The above shot (two sets of stairs, a park bench, and a footbridge over the Elmwood Park Creek) was featured on monochromatic_in on Instagram.

I’ve photographed most of the scenes in this post time and time and time and time again. Not only are these some of my favorite parts of Elmwood Park going back to childhood, they’re all quite photogenic. Here’s another common shot: the Jones Street footbridge into the Park.

Footbridge Line Patterns

And then there’s Elmwood Park’s picturesque and historic natural spring Grotto and stone bridge over the creek:

The Stone Bridge with Snow

All Quiet at the Grotto

Frosty Reflections

And finally, another classic scene across the Park:

wood fence and tree shadows (almost a shadow hashtag)

Dec 202017

All quiet in Sparrow Park

After taking a few photos around noon on a snowy Saturday, I ventured out in the evening when the snow was winding down. The storm did not result in much accumulation, but enough to beautifully coat the neighborhood.

This peaceful scene is the entrance to Titus Sparrow Park off West Newton Street. The  ambient light from the street lamps and bow front windows adds a nice soft glow and yields nice reflections in the street.  I also love the footprints.

After making Flickr Explore (top rank #75), this iPhone photo went semi-viral (fairly quickly racking up 15,000+ views). Explore compiles the 500 “most interesting” of the (literally) millions of photos posted to Flickr everyday. Always an honor.


Dec 192017

Braddock Park as the snow starts to stick

A Saturday morning snow starts out slow and then picks up a bit throughout the day. Around noon, I took a stroll just as the snow started to stick to the ground and other surfaces. Here are a few iPhone photos taken around my immediate neighborhood: the Southwest Corridor Park, Braddock Park, and St. Botolph Street.

Pink Bag

Frosting the Trees

Musician’s Mutual Relief Society


Dec 172017

Ornate. Illuminated.

I love taking high-contrast, iPhone photos at night. These two shots turned out better than I imagined, especially because it was damn cold and I shot them very quickly, struggling to keep the exposure as low as possible by simply focusing on bright lights just prior shifting quickly and shooting. Some post processing helped, but even SOOTC (straight out of the camera), these were quite satisfying.

The above shot is of Northeastern University’s Matthews Area. Opened in 1910 as Boston Arena, it is, according to wikipedia, the “oldest indoor ice hockey arena still being used for hockey — and is the oldest multi-purpose athletic building still in use in the world.” The Boston Bruins (of NHL’s “Original Six”) played their first home game in the Arena in 1924. The Boston Celtics played their first home game here in 1946, and continued to play some games in the Arena, as well as in Boston Garden, until 1955.

Rings of Light in the Night

This is a new building on the New England Conservatory campus, just a couple blocks down St. Botolph Street from Matthews Area. I love the composition and almost abstract nature of this shot, with the illuminated parts of the building disembodied from the rest.  As wikipedia notes, NEC “is the oldest independent school of music in the United States, and it is widely recognized as one of the country’s most distinguished music schools.”


Dec 072017

Brooke Courthouse Columns and Shadow Bars

A couple of iPhone shots focusing on shadow lines and light.  I noticed the stark shadow patterns in both of these photos while walking back from lunches on two different, late-fall days.

The above shot shows dramatic shadow lines and geometric patterns from the columns along the side of the Edward Brooke Courthouse.  While shooting this, I became aware of a guy walking up behind me, slowing down, and then coming right up to me. When I turned around to see what he wanted (thinking, I’ll admit, “oh crap, what’s this going to be?”), I was a bit surprised when he said something like “wow, that’s so cool! I was wondering why you were taking photos here.” He then grabbed his phone and started shooting. (Another testament to the benefits off always having a decent camera on hand in the form of an iPhone). Edward Brooke, btw, was the first elected African-American Attorney General in the United States, serving as the Massachusetts AG from 1962-1966, and the first African-American elected to the United States Senate, serving as a Massachusetts Senator from 1966-1978.

Charles River Plaza Stairs and Shadows

No one stopped or took their own photos while I shot this one, but it’s just as interesting and dramatic. Stairs off Cambridge Street leading to Charles River Plaza shops and medical offices, not far from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Nov 212017

Boston Common Cemetery (through the always-locked gate

A few black and white shots of spots along a small stretch of the Freedom Trail, including of two historic Boston burial grounds. Starting with the above photo of the Central Burial Ground on Boston Common, looking northwest across the Common to Beacon Street.

And then a tombstone from the Granary Burial Ground a few blocks away. Established in 1660, the Granary Burial Ground was Boston’s third cemetery and many famous figures from the American Revolution are buried there, including Paul Revere, Crispus Attucks (the African-American victim of the Boston Massacre), Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and members of Ben Franklin’s family (Ben himself is buried in Philly). Note that someone told me that I misspelled “lies” in the photo title. But look closely, and you’ll note that this 17th Century-engraved tombstone does in fact read “Here Lyes…”(see here or simply search for images of “here lyes”).

Here Lyes The Body of John Carrick

Here’s a shot from the same day of a rainy, dreary (matching the burial ground mood, perhaps) Boston Common:

Rainy Sunday on Boston Common

And finally, a gloomy, foggy shot down Court Street from Tremont Street:

Morning Fog Looking Down Court Street


Nov 172017

Setting sun flare on Boylston

Just a couple of quick iPhone shots featuring sun flare. First from early October on Boylston Street in the Back Bay near Berklee.  Then on Boston Common in early November, with changing foliage and long shadows.

Fall is Here